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In the wake of massive financial losses incurred during a pandemic-shortened 2020 sports season, where no fans watched games in person until the playoffs, teams and leagues have been searching for new revenue streams which have led to an explosion in the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) market.

A Supreme Court ruling nearly three years ago — when the country’s highest court removed the federal ban on legal sports betting in states — paved the way for teams and leagues to potentially capitalize on billions in new revenue.

While most are scrambling to get butts in seats and increase the average order size per fan … forward-thinking teams & leagues are leveraging the massive DFS opportunity as fast as they can and their fans are loving them for it.

Thinking about hopping on the money train before it passes? Here are the top three benefits teams & leagues are leveraging with Daily Fantasy Sports.


1. New Source of Untapped Revenue Generation

After the COVID-19 shutdown, most if not all teams are looking for new sources of revenue wherever they can find it to make up for lost revenue. Team & leagues partnering with DFS providers are getting a piece of the action and seeing the lift in revenue they’ve been searching for.

2. New Digital Sponsorship Placement

Give your sponsors a brand new way to showcase their brands with highly engaged fans. DFS participants are not your average fans…these are superfans that know their team, players, coaches – everything about the team & league. Connect these superfans seamlessly to brands while playing DFS and you’ll create rock solid connections making your sponsorship placement value take off to the moon.

3. Supercharged Season Long Fan Engagement & Loyalty

Fans consume 40% more sports content — across all media — once they start playing DFS. With money on the line every day, daily fantasy participants want to see the results as they happen. So they watch more live games until the end, boosting advertising and television viewership along with sponsor viewership.

Over time the average DFS fan evolves into a superfan… creating an unbreakable emotional connection to the team and/or player(s) buying more jerseys, tickets…you name it. These superfans are the golden ticket for teams & leagues as all season long they are cheerleaders and advocates spreading word of their favorite moments, ultimately converting average fans around them into superfans.

Simply put…superfans = revenue boost.

As you can see, the benefits of pairing Daily Fantasy Sports with teams & leagues is a no-brainer…everyone wins. To those who are listening – fans are screaming for this and so is your bottom line. If you’d like to learn more about how your team or league could benefit from DFS drop your name & email below and we’ll be in touch.

    What States is DFS available in?

    Must be 18 or older (21+ in MA). Users physically located in the following states: AK AR CA CO CT DC FL GA IL KS KY MA MI MN NE NM NC ND OK OR RI SC SD TX UT WV WI WY can enter paid contests. You cannot play real money entries, deposit, or withdraw funds from your account if you’re not located in one of the states listed.

    How do your fans Partake?